Good Afternoon, this is Cão Solteiro.

Any noticed physical resemblance between us is not a coincidence, we are family.
This is, in fact, a long, lasting, nurtured, family affair. Fortunately there are those who remind us daily of the absolute need to insert our creative impulses in the context of European Cultural Policies (insert your token, wait for receipt, please), otherwise we would just be promenading - in – long – silk - dresses – bearing – more – children – and – baking – cakes – as - Art. And we would be HAPPY. Our lack of capability to successfully transform energy into wealth is publicly recognized, and can be traced back to our African ancestors who traded gold for glass beads.
We cherish this beautiful tradition of émerveillement (in the sudden and unexpected presence of beauty, stop and stare), as opposed to the profound artistic ignorance of our grandparent’s colonizers that, later, allegedly, left the exquisite porcelain behind and brought home, again, the gold.
We’re not in it for the gold.
We deliberately place ourselves at this level of ingenuity.
Our work is about experimenting silly mixtures, milk and alcohol, sugar and nitroglycerine (shake), and expressing passion, hope, astonishment, rage, desire, spleen, fear of the dark, improbability, uncertainty, error, death, lyrically.
Surprisingly or, then again, not, we have, along the years, gathered around us a platform of artists whose work spread through diverse areas, converges to this very same problematic.
We dance together. We waltz mathilda together.
We push things forward by means of strongly believing in People and in the Future as real.

We now invite you to drink a glass of wine with us.